Friday, 10 December 2010

The Blue AU continues...

OK I'll tidy this up in a minute... XD

At long last, I've POSTED the first 50,000 words of "Toccata and Fugue"! I got them written back before the ahem, "interesting" trip to Munich, but hadn't actively posted all of them. I have a couple of thousand still in reserve, so... we'll see how long before I get it finished! (Getting snowed in in Germany seems to have temporarily killed my creative drive, but never mind. It'll pick back up. *crosses fingers*)

Toccata and Fugue at Livejournal
Links to the chapters, in tidy little clumps:    Part 1!    |    Part 2!    |    Part 3!

Plus! At last! Have a chapter of Future Tense. I had this 99% written back in mid October, but NaNoWriMo barged it out of the way, and (of course) a certain teleport was misbehaving.

I hope to have some more Adverse Camber finished at some point, too, but before that, I really HAVE to get my Xmas cards finished. I already know I'm going to miss the last post for sending things abroad ( it's this friday, and I still haven't finished the cards. Heh. ¬_¬), but I'd like to at least have the cards in my possession before Christmas!

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