Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blink, laima

Quickie drive-by arting as I have the desktop turned on for once. (Well, I had to, I needed to scan some things - this being one of them.)

This is Blink/"Bee"; she's supposed to be looking back over her shoulder. She'll be dressed eventually (hopefully). XD

Ordinarily, she's a mechanical life form - not android-like, but about 14-15 feet tall and fairly obviously mechanical - but in order to save her life, Frond (a member of a species I am currently calling the GOK - aka "God Only Knows") had to change her into a biological creature. The GOK are essentially a species from a parallel universe where normal laws don't apply; she's not omnipotent, but still fairly powerful anyway. Saving Blink was Frond's last act before she died.

Soo, here is Bee the laima; she's fessine, i.e. a "low female".

I'm going to upload a profile of the laima eventually; they're a digitigrade, three-gendered humanoid species descended from a small social omnivore that looks slightly like a fossa. (I never realised how HARD it was to design something with three genders that was biologically plausible. I thought designing a species with plausible hermaphrodites was hard enough. *bonks head on desk*)

I'm always planning on turning her back into her original self, eventually. I just haven't worked out HOW yet. I'm uploading this mainly because I really like how her face turned out. 

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