Monday 30 August 2010

Last post of August

...and the first proper post for this little blog!

At last, I finished the clock for my wall: 

I promise it DOES have all its hands! The shine from the decoupage glue I used to paste the "pebbles" background down means you can't see one of them very well. ¬_¬

See? All three hands! Incidentally, it DOES work - I made it from a clock mechanism (that I've had in my "box of junk" for months) and a circular "pre-stretched" canvas. The numbers are a shade wobbly, but eh. It works!

And lastly:
Chapter six is FINALLY done and uploaded! (Certain characters *cough*Warp*cough* thought it'd be fun if we made a play on it being "Chapter Sex Six" but I nixed that one in the bud.)

Now I need to work on getting that next chapter of Adverse Camber finished. ¬_¬ It'll be November soon, and even though I know I'll never get AC finished before then, I can at least try and get a FEW more chapters out of the way.

Sunday 22 August 2010

"New" Blog

Sooo I decided maybe now was the time to start USING this blog, as I have it. My last "testing" post was back in April LAST year, after all. XD And my LiveJournal is full of nonsense, so I could use this for "proper" things - or rather, "more notable" things? - like when I upload new art etc.

...I give it a week before I forget about it again. *adds dashboard to homepage so she might remember to use it every once in a while*