Thursday 14 July 2011

Future Tense, chapter 9

    It's taken me a while to write this, and it's sadly a bit of a "nothing-chapter", but at last, I have some more of this story to upload. (All right, actually I uploaded it last week, on the 8th, I just neglected to update this.)
    At long last, Skywarp gets over his little tantrum, and is finally allowed home from hospital. Not that it feels terribly like home...

Tuesday 12 July 2011


Bees! This is "Busy Bee", weilding a hammer, and "Bee-autiful", with a flower. D'aww. They're sort of a "cute"-reworking of my Danata, just for the sake of being cute. ^^

This of course is Mirii. I'm not 100% satisfied with the picture - it's another of my book cover attempts. You'd think finishing editing the thing would be a better idea, right?

I need to strip the thing down to its bones and rebuild it, essentially. Mirii's story was mostly fluff - weird for weird's sake? - with a lot of parts that didn't really seem to add a lot. I might use the "record cards" type technique, it might be easier to visualise where I'm taking it.

The MegaDiary

    This is my "mostly work but also other stuff megadiary; as in, I'm useless at keeping diaries, BUT I can just about cope with a month to a page so... voila. I designed the pages myself, got it printed, then cut, punched and spiral bound it. I covered it in fabric to protect the spiral bindings, when it's getting bonked about in my work bag, but it still opens flat.

    I was thinking of offering these as like custom sketchbooks, or "art journals" (with lined paper and stuff in) - so people can have a mixture of different papers to play with. You pick your types of paper, number of pages, and your cover, corners, decorations etc, and I put it together. Opinions? I'm putting a webpage together with the details.
    Incidentally, yes, it's not JUST a diary; there's a "Nanowrimo" page for me to record my word-count in November, an adresses section, a page for mandatory training (as there's so MUCH of it now, I can never remember when I've done it all) and a place to write down when I've been on-call. I used fairly good quality sketching paper so it was a bit more durable.