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Well, if you're curious, here are some of the other little spaces on the net where I put my things. (Seriously, my internet locations are starting to look almost as cluttered as my work desk.) I've used the internet handle "Keaalu" since about 2000, and it doesn’t seem a very common choice of jumbled letters, so if you see my name somewhere (and not in relation to Hawai’i), chances are it’s mine. (NB: a couple of accounts are just “placeholders” that I don’t plan on using.)

If you came in from somewhere else, the main site this blog is associated with is:
...which is probably as good a place to go as any for an overall look at my work!

In addition to this one, I have another handful of places where I put my life, art and the Abiverse:
My “main” blog is over on LiveJournal. This which is the oldest of my blogs (that is, the oldest I'm still using), and contains my more rambley everyday stuff, like comments on the news, photographs of my local area, and so on (LJ username: Keaalu). I'm not sure if I may be using it less, soon, since it's trying to be the blogosphere’s alternative to "Facebook" and has lost a lot of the appeal it had when I signed up for it.
I also have a Dreamwidth account. Most of this is crossposted from my LJ, but with a little less of the ramble. (I hope it'll be fractionally more reliable than LJ, as well, given LJ’s recent periods of protracted downtime when they were DDoS’ed by political activists in Russia.)
I have a Tumblr account, although I don't use it as much (yet?).
And of course, I have a Twitter, although I use it less than I used to because my little laptop is too old and decrepit to load it, and it's blocked at work.

“Aude Sapere“ (“Dare to know”) is the working title for my fiction, so I have a couple of supplementary blogs where I’ll be posting updates and announcements – chapter updates, things like “I’ve finished [story], now onto editing” or “Published!”
Aude Sapere on: Blogger     |    Dreamwidth    |    Livejournal

Lastly, I also have a blog for my efforts for the Brooklyn Art Library - originally just the “Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project 2010-2011” but since I’ve signed up for more things, I’m posting more there too. (My personal userpage on the Arthouse Co-op site is here, although it's currently (mostly-)empty.)

I have accounts on a couple of art websites, the main one of which is probably still keaalu.deviantart.com (in spite of their (apparently increasing) flaws, I just can't bring myself to break that last tether.)
I also have an account on FA, although I don't use it as much as my DA account.
And lastly, thanks to BobTodd, I now have an account on Nabyn. Yay! Although I need to actually put some work up.

Aside from my blogs, where I post the bulk of my writing, I have an account on fanfiction.net, where my TF-related stuff goes.

(well, eventually!)

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